Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sea Day Highlights

We had 4 days at sea. 2 in the beginning of the week and 2 at the end. Here are some of the highlights while afloat on the boat....

1)Working out. This ship had a great gym. It's true that we only made it to the gym twice but we committed ourselves to stair usage the entire week. (These pictures were taken as proof for our personal trainers. And for our posterity when we get old and decrepit and are bedridden.)

2) Soaking up the sun on deck. I enjoyed myself despite the "granny bottoms" of my bathing suit. I almost didn't post this picture because of this but then I looked up in the right corner and saw what that guy is wearing...... cut off denim shorts (rolled-up) for heaven's sake. Somebody get this guy some board shorts.... and some self-respect!!!

As I lounged poolside I heard a little kid whining and pleading with his mom for something. I laid back and secretly enjoyed it because his cute little voice reminded me of my kids back at home and I was already missing them terribly. I was basking in this sound when surprisingly my husband leaned over and said.... "Ahhhh, music to my ears." Apparently he was enjoying it all just as much as I was.

3)Formal Nights. How often do you get to strut around in a formal gown on the arm of a hunk in a tuxedo? Many people find the formal nights of cruising a nuissance but we enjoy every last second of it.

4) Sushi. This ship had a sushi bar every night. We were pushed back to late dining so we were able to take advantage of the raw fish & seaweed being served when 5 o'clock rolled round. Brandon, Eric and Lydia enjoy sushi a little differently than I do, though. They like it this way:

I prefer this:

5) Not losing any money in the casino. Now whether it's because we didn't frequent the tables or because we just have mad gambling skills I will not say. You can make up your own mind and judge us accordingly.

6) Losing to Eric at Spades. This is the only card game any of us knew how to play. And I'm sure we played it incorrectly. But we still had fun. And we still lost just about every single hand to Eric. Beginner's Luck, Enrique. Don't expect us to go so easy on you next time.

7) A hot stone massage & rejuvenation facial that my sweet husband surprised me with.

8) Self-serve ice cream 24/7!!!! This is actually a highlight as well as a lowlight. It was a highlight at the time. It is now a lowlight since I have to work it all off of my booty.

9) Staying up until 5a.m.

10) Sleeping in until lunchtime.

11) Karaoke. Lydia sang "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. Brandon crooned to the tune of "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam. And I couldn't help but join all of the women in the room while we shook our money-makers to "My Humps" by Fergie. (Eric has video footage of this which I have yet to see. Heaven help us.)

12) Mini-golf on the sun deck.

13)Playing cornhole with the Ellis'. I'll let Lydia explain that one. They're pro's at it now that they're Ohioans. (You've been Cornhole tagged, Lyd!!)

On sea days you didn't feel any pressure to get up early. You didn't have any fear of missing out on anything. You could speak English the entire day. You didn't have hands all up in your face begging for money, offering you "good price, today only". You could read without guilt. You could gorge yourself on buffet food (with delayed guilt.) It was great. But it's about time I move on to the ports of call.....


annette said...

I love the "music to my ears" comment. Where are the formal night pics? You don't look like you gained an ounce, btw. And the dark hair rocks! Your sea days sound divine. Looking forward to port posts now! P.S. I LOVE Spades too! Melinda and I will NEVER forget beating our husbands at it on the houseboat once. Too funny!

annette said...

P.S. Hey Miss Muscles...Check out your calves and thighs on that treadmill. You're ripped! So, do you want to take my spot with the trainer on Friday? I can't make it. I told him if you did, you guys should do leg presses. :-)