Thursday, February 12, 2009

Much random ado about nothing......

I'm interrupting Love Week 2009 for this one post. Because it's my birthday. So I can. And I have no guilt wasting away the past few hours on-line even though I have laundry to fold, a kitchen to clean, and a trip to pack for. Because it's my birthday. So I'm freed from those obligations. Right? But I would feel guilty and unproductive if I spent all of this time at the computer and didn't post anything (and I'm not ready to post for Love Week, yet.) So here I am. And guess what today is? It's my birthday. So I'm allowed to give in to to selfish indulgences simply because they make me happy. At least this one time a year, anyway. Oops, I'm forgetting Mother's Day. OK that gives me another wasteful day to look forward to! And my 1/2 birthday which is in exactly 6 months. So 3 wasteful days. But I like even numbers so let's use Groundhog Day, too... Oops... I missed that one. I'll make it up on Arbor Day.
So now that I've rambled on and on about nothing (which I am allowed to do because it's my birthday, mind you) I will share my thoughts with you. And I have some things to get off of my chest.
I'm wierd. Some of you know this. Some of you don't. And if you don't believe me then here's some proof. I "air-type". I'ts kind of like air guitar but I am very subtle and incognito about it. You see, I have this invisible keyboard (in my mind) and when I hear people talk, or when I listen to songs or watch a movie, I type the words. Not always. But often enough to be concerned for myself. I even "backspace" if I know I spelled incorrectly or didn't capitaize or punctuate appropriately. I started this crazy, borderline OCD habit when first learning to type in 5th grade. It helped me learn the key placement on the keyboard but I have not been able to kick this annoying habit. Not that I've really tried. It's been going on for about 12 years now. So if you see a slight tapping of my fingers just know that it's not because I'm bored with our conversation. It's just because I'm weird.
I also memorize license plates. I started doing this (accidentally) because there were so many gold Hondas and white Expeditions and silver Durangos on the road that I never knew if it was one of my friends until it was too late to wave. My friend Caroline does this, too but she's super sweet & drop-dead gorgeous so she can get away with it. I'm not calling her wierd, though. Only myself. (And since it's my birthday I can excuse anyone I want from being classified as weird.)
I killed a bee today. Just for fun. It landed on my windshield. I turned on my window cleaner and swiped it to death. Now I'm guilty. I'll never eat honey again.
Then I parked in a handi-capable stall for about 20 seconds while I checked my mail. I hope the local law enforcement is not scanning the web for confessions. It would stink to be arrested for such a heinous charge on your birthday.
So that's it. I feel lighter somehow. And I guess I'll go be productive. Because it's my birthday. And I can be productive if I want to.


Stefani said...

I knew all these WEIRD things about you and guess what?? I like you ANYWAY:). I love random posts, keep 'em coming!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

JasonDebbie said...

Oh my gosh I do the same thing with the air typing!!! Well I don't air type with my hands but if I'm thinking something in my mind sometimes I'll imagine it on a keyboard and which buttons to push with each letter of each word. I thought I was a psyco, now I feel better.:)

annette said...

You're so cute! I love random thoughts like those. Hey, we missed you tonight at weigh in, but I know...It's your BIRTHDAY! I wouldn't have been there either. Glad you enjoyed the day doing whatever your heart desired!

Caroline said...

You are WAY TOO FUNNY! I'm flattered to share the license plate thingy with you. I knew we were kindred spirits:-) Hope you enjoyed your birthday too. Love ya!