Saturday, February 7, 2009

Manly Men

This is what I saw when I walked through the living room tonight.

Brandon and his BFF Troy. OK, so it's totally lame to call these guys BFF's but what else do you call somebody that you've been friends with for 20 years, whose houses you used to walk into without knocking, who you've served as the Best Man at each other's weddings, whose daughters are also BFF's, and who you can communicate with without uttering a single word?

Don't let their cozy position on the loveseat fool you. They're actually doing something very, very viril and masculine.

They are watching a UFC fight. Does it get any manlier than that? Yes, I know that UFC is chock full of men in spandex hot pants rolling around on a rubber mat together but trust me.... it's just for sport. And although I just heard Troy say, "Man. He's looking pretty soft. I wonder if he quit working out", I know he only said it because he can appreciate the hard core shape that these athletes are expected to be in when they get in that octagon cage.

As I continued snapping pictures of them they continued to sit there. Not moving a muscle. Not changing position one iota. Well, they did move enough face muscles to laugh at me. Ha! As if I'm the one in a position to be laughed at! Yes, I can see how my standing behind a camera is way more humorous than finding two men sitting close on a loveseat, in a darkened room, one with an arm around the other. And when Brandon fecitiously said, "What are you gonna do, go put this up on your blog???" I thought, "What a delightful idea." So thanks guys. I was looking for something I could blog about.

And thanks for being such good sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Stefani said...

This is funny! I love that you took pictures of it! Something you definitely want to remember. BTW, I love the new blog decor and music, you've been busy!

annette said...

I love it! Manly men!!! Loren told me you had a house full last night. Looking forward to that canoe hike at camp btw! That will be so fun to all be together.