Friday, November 5, 2010

Making lemonade out of lemons

Lemon: Losing my picture files to who knows where. The process of setting up a new computer and learning a new operating system.

Lemonade: Having a new computer! I miss my Windows XP (Windows 7, why do you hate me so much?) but it was time for that Pentium III to go!!! True story... the young sales associate couldn't believe our computer was beige. He's never seen one that old before. He's been looking for one to display on his shelf at home like an antique.

Lemon: My baby boy having a nasty cold. Watery eyes. Congested and runny nose at the same time (how does that happen?) Sneezing. Grumpiness. Slight fever. Wanting to be held all the time.

Lemonade: Holding my baby boy all the time!!

Lemon: Tweaking my back and having to forgo the half marathon I've been looking forward to running. A mini vacation to Santa Barbara, reaching a goal that's been a year in the making, fun time spent with friends, and a visit to a mouth-watering steak house is gone. POOF. Just like that (until next year).

Lemonade: Finally making an appointment to see the chiropractor which should have been done weeks ago. Not having to take my sick baby on a road trip. Not having to dump my kids off on friends for the night. Saving myself the calories that I surely would have justified myself into consuming. Saving myself the embarassment of what extra baby weight would have done to my race time

That last glass of lemonade isn't as sweet as it sounds.

I think I'd rather have the lemon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Days of summer

We did a lot of fun things this summer. I was very pregnant but determined to make sure we packed in as much fun as possible before my attention was drawn away toward the new boy that was about to enter our lives.

Daddy decided that this was the summer to start teaching the kids to surf. He chose the perfect day. The conditions couldn't have been better. The tide was low and there wasn't a cloud in sight. One little taste of that salty sea water and they were hooked! As they say..."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." We visited the beach several times a week. These are some favorites of my "tree" and our little "apples".

Beau found this broken sand dollar on the beach and said, "Look, Mom. A fifty-cent piece."


We interrupt this blog post to bring you some devastating news. In an effort to step into the 21st Centruy we purchased some new computers . Many pictures were lost and or accidentally deleted during the transferring of files. This post and many others are currently unable to be completed. Every effort is being made to salvage lost picture files and restore them to their proper place. This is not a test. I repeat, This is NOT a test. :-(