Monday, March 2, 2009

Port of Call 1: Acapulco

In Acapulco we negotiated a price for a taxi driver to be at our beck and call all day. Surprisingly enough we were offered a nice, clean Suburban with a/c. First stop was the beach where Lydia and I parasailed. Then we we headed down the beach where we rented some jet skis.

All of this play had left us quite hungry. Brandon was ready to find some authentic $1 tacos but Senor Frogs seemed to offer up "safer" food. Not that we ever found out how "safe" that food was. The 25 minute wait we were quoted was proving to be much longer than that. Especially when the locals started showing up and being seated without even having to put their names on the list. So we politley asked our cabbie (subbie?) if he would take us somewhere local and yummy. He didn't let us down. El Zorrito was mucho delicious and the service was more than we expected.

After lunch we played Pollo. (Chicken) This is where silly, American tourists cross 4 lanes of Mexican traffic on foot....safely. Well, what's a trip to Mexico without a little adventure? And a trip to the pharmacy where you can stock up on frequently used medicines for mere pesos on the dollar? We felt much better on the return trip across the street as there were a few locals with sombreros, serrapis, and guitars crossing along with us. Safety in numbers, right?

Then we went shopping. Didn't buy anything. Got lost in the outdoor market. It was a lowlight. Let's move on.

Last stop? Cliff divers. The c-u-t-e-s-t little boy helped us out of our car and escorted us to the pay kiosk. He charmed us the whole entire way. He had soooo much charisma. We could not get over what a little businessman he was. He totally knew how to work it. The cliff divers were pretty cool. And I must say, I've never seen Speedos look so masculine. I was surprised at the varying ages of the cliff diving crazies. They put Spider Man to shame they way they scaled the rocky face of the cliffs, though. The pictures didn't turn out but if you ever find yourself in Acapulco this is a must see. These muchachos are insane. Aye que loco!!!!!


annette said...

How FUN!!! Parasailing! Jet Skiing! Local authentic food. Yum! Was this your favorite port? The beach and water looks so nice. What a blast. (love your music selection to go with the post too)

Eric and Lydia said...

I will put the video of the cliff divers up on my blog, if anyone wants to see, its pretty amazing. I also have some precious karaoke footage, but I might save that for a blackmail opportunity!