Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The load of an 11 year old

"Ah, the responsibilities of an 11 year old.... I'm still getting used to it." (A real quote from my daughter 3 short weeks after turning 11.)

Responsibility #1: Decision Making
Having to decide between going to Disneyland on the actual day of your birthday or staying home to make sure your Science Fair Project gets entered in the county judging. Decisions, decisions. You can imagine what a toughy this one was....

Responsibility #2: Event Planning
Having to come up with the perfect party idea for all of your 10 & 11 year old friends. It had to be something fun. It had to be girls only. It HAD to be a sleepover. It had to encompass all that turning 11 is about. It's a slow exit from little girlhood and a long wait until you're finally an official teenager. So it had to be perfect. And what could be more perfect than makeovers, pampering, dance contests, and giggles until 4 o'clock in the morning?

Responsibility #3: Delegation
Having to choose who would be the makeover specialists for the evening. Anna & Angela did a great job. The party would not have been a success if it weren't for these two adorable gals.

Responsibility #4: Learning Patience as a Virtue
Especially when you can't wait to see the end result.

Responsibility #5: The Balancing Act
Learning to balance your inner Diva with your fun-loving, goofy side. (Not to mention balancing on your mom's high heels.)

Responsibility #5: People Pleasing
It's important to arrange things so that everyone is comfortable and noone feels left out.

Yes. The responsibilities of an 11 year old are more weighty than one might think. Good thing she's got a whole year to get used to it.