Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Week 2009

2 minutes ago, I decided to follow along with my friend D-Dawg and do "Love Week" to celebrate Valentine's Day. Don't think of me as shallow for some of the following "loves". They're just things I love right now in this current stage of life that I thought would be fun to document. And I will get more sentimental as the week ends. Trust me.

Follow the link for her instructions if you want to join in. It's not too late!! Love is in the air!!!

1) Jillian Michaels is my homegirl. She doesn't know it. But I do. And that's enough for me. I'm following one of her fitness regimens and let me tell ya..... it's gruelling. She kicks my butt and I like it! It's torturous in an oddly pleasing way. And I'm seeing results which I also like. Oh, yes..... Tiffy like. Tiffy likey fo' sho'!

2)Family night. Especially the ones when these two peeps roll out to my 'hood. It's my FIL & MIL. Some people think of their in-laws coming to visit and their gut begins to twist & turn and they break into cold sweats. Not me. Oh no.... NOT ME! I think of my hubby's parents and get warm fuzzies. They come to our house every few months for Family Night. They bring a lesson, some games, and dessert. And all I have to do is feed them! How sweet is that? I love them so much it's not even legal. Well, it actually is legal.... it's just not the norm, I guess.

3)Sleeping in. But this is only a recent love. In fact it's probably not even a love. I think me and my snooze button are just having a meaningless fling. I'm usually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. But lately I've been finding it really hard to roll out of bed when my alarm goes off. It could be the cold weather. Or the fact that I haven't been falling asleep until well after 1 a.m. But I think it's just a phase. And my husband has been quite accomodating and understanding about it all. I know I could be getting so much done if was "early to bed, early to rise". And I've heard all about the early bird getting the worm. But has anybody ever thought about the early worm? Just think how that poor worms fate would have been different if it only pushed the snooze button a couple of times.

4) Playing dress up. Oh no... a girl is never too old for that. As we age we just go about it differently. My preferred way to play? Going on a cruise. And guess what... even Disneyland Daddy plays along! He looks quite handsome and dapper in his tuxedo. Here are my two favorite "dress-ups". And I'll be wearing them both next week. Can't wait!!!

5) The honesty of my children even when it can be quite incriminating. Tonight the kids were writing out their valentines. Mercedes went about it very quietly and with no help needed. Beau didn't really need help but he did want my opinion;
Beau: "Mom, who do you think I should give the biggest Valentine to?
Me: "O, I don't know. Who do you want to give it to?"
Beau: "I think I'll give it to my very bestest friend."
Me: "That's a good idea. Who is your very bestest friend?"
Beau: "Uuummmmm... my very bestest friend would be...... Bodie."
Me; "I thought you would say that. So why is he your very bestest friend? Is it because he's nice and you guys get along or is it because he has the same name as our dog?"
Beau: "Well.... it's because he's nice. And even though he tattles on me sometimes I still like him."

6)This show. I don't know what it is. Dog and Beth are just cool. They keep it real. They're little boy sports a mullet for heavens sake. Does it get more real than that? I just like them. For no good reason. The end.

7) Shopping with my husband. I'm not kidding. He is my most favorite person to shop with. He's kind of like a girlfriend in that way. And I mean that as a compliment.

So that's it. Sorry for so many loves on my first Love Week post but now I feel caught up. And isn't that what we all want out of life? Oh, and chocolate. I had that love today, too. Ooops. Sorry Jillian.


Stefani said...

I LOVE it! I want to do love week too, but I think I have too many pressing things right now :(. You posted some of mine, I'll just call it good.

annette said...

How fun is your first "Love Week" post! I just did some last night too. I'm going to backdate them so I can get a whole week in I think. We'll see if it really happens. I love your homey talk and playing dress up. And all your loves. They're great!!!

KittsKrafts said...

Hi there! I was the commenter after you on OurDandelionWishes so I stopped by your place for a visit.