Saturday, December 6, 2008


My husband has a mistress. Oh, yes... I know about it. And he knows I know about it. But does that stop him? No. But I wouldn't ask him to stop either. You see, this relationship has been going on for some time now. 19 years to be exact. There is so much history between them but does it cause me any jealousy? Absolutely not. And although I am his wife I don't feel that it's my place to ask for it to end. I was fully aware of all the details before marrying him. I knew what I was getting into but decided to become Mrs. Sowards anyway.

Have we met? Yes, we have. The three of us used to have a lot of fun together. Before children, that is. Oh, we still enjoy our time together but now during our visits I feel the need to shield our little ones from any possible dangers. What? You think I'm crazy for allowing my children to have any knowledge of this? Judge as you will but I think it's harmless. In fact, I hope our kids will find just such a relationship someday.

And the children and I aren't present during ALL of their visits. We understand their need to be alone sometimes. But it's after these "unsupervised" visits that I look forward to his return the most. He comes home a different man than when he left. He's happier, more patient, more..... fulfilled.

I thought you might like to see a picture of this mistress. Due to the sensitive nature of this relationship I cannot tell you exactly where she's located. (We wouldn't want just anybody showing up for a piece of the action.) But here she is in all her beauty.

Mistress, meet my friends. Friends, meet...... my husband's favorite surf spot.


Stefani said...

this is great! I can tell you dream in "blog". This is well written and funny. I wanna go to the beach.

annette said...

You had me there for a second...j/k. Tiff, you are a definate blogger at heart! LOVE the way you write!!!

Mamarazzi said... were born to blog!

great stuff!

Eric and Lydia said...

oh, i miss the beach!

Brooke said...

hi tiffany. i'm glad you found me. it will be fun to keep up with you guys.

D-dawg said...

Awesome post. That picture of the beach is fabulous.

I like how you said he comes back from his mistress better- happier etc. I need to have that attitude when Dave needs to go do his stuff.

debbie said...

love this post and i love the way you write. thanks for kicking back with us the other night, you guys are awesome!