Thursday, December 4, 2008


So here he is. A personal trainer's wildest dream come true. But hands off... he's only 3.

Yes, Reef loves the protein & spinach fruit smoothies. They've been somewhat of a staple in our house for almost a year now. I can't get the older kids to touch 'em let alone look at 'em. Their abhorrence for anything green and healthy sends them fleeing from the kitchen as soon as the lid comes off of the Vita-Mix. (Could they be running for the phone to dial the CPS hotline at this abusive behavior from Mommy Dearest?) But with Reef I have to fight for the larger portion. Especially when it's PB & Banana w/ chocolate protein powder. (No matter that it turns a sluggish gray-green color.)

This was just leftovers from a fruit platter. Your run-of-the-mill, anything goes, drop it in, blend it up, drink it down smoothie. Not the greatest but it was still good. And just so you know, I usually put our smoothies in a cup... he drank all of his and couldn't wait for a refill........
Move over Mr. Olympia, this kid has been working on his abs! He's discovered (all by himself) that he can stick out his stomach really far then suck it in like a vacuum. I noticed him doing it at the beach recently. It's very impressive. Just one more thing for our little monkey-boy to entertain us with. I wonder from whom he got his desire to make others laugh???? (but Brandon still doesn't believe Reef's a chip off the old block!!)


annette said...

I'm so glad I get to watch Reef grow up and see what Brandon was like as a toddler on up! ;-) He's just an awesome kid, like BOTH his parents! And I wish my kids were more into the spinach smoothies. I'm slowly converting Loren to them, just barely.

Eric and Lydia said...

He is so cute! I just wanted to tickle him when I talked to him on the phone the other day. I wish I could get my kids to drink them.

Stefani said...

I think Reef is more than just a "chip" off the old block...he's more like "mini-me."

I'm glad you blogged about the spinach smoothies (we call them spoothies at our house). I was hoping to be able to attach a photo here of my nephew with flaming red hair drinking a green spoothie... he' looks like Christmas with the red and green. I'll have to email it to you.

D-dawg said...

REALLY? My kids would never go for that. You are lucky.

I just read the post below- I"m so sorry to hear about your family's home- that is so awful. I hope you're all doing ok.