Tuesday, December 16, 2008

County Fair Moms of the world... UNITE!!!

I'm married to a "Disneyland Daddy". You know the type:

"Here, have a few cookies before breakfast... we won't tell mom."

"Sure, you can take all of the cushions off the couch and pull all of the blankets off the beds to make a fort. It will get magically cleaned up before our company gets here in 8 minutes. In fact, let me help you."

"Wake-up... I know it's late and mom just brushed your teeth and put you to bed but I have some yummy cinnamon rolls here that I want you to partake of."

You get the picture. I relish in the fact that my kids have fun with their dad and that they forge a strong relationship during their "play" time, but..... what about me? I want to be cool, too. But sometimes I feel like the "County Fair Mom".

Yeah, the county fair is cool.... but only for a short time. It's fun.... but the fun doesn't last. How in the world does the county fair compete with The Happiest Place On Earth?

And the county fair doesn't get to stick around that long either! What's up with that? Disneyland doesn't go ANYWHERE. It's a mainstay. Permanent. A big yellow smiley face on the North American Continent. Everyone knows about Disneyland. Most people barely notice when the county fair is in town.

Last night we brought the bunnies inside so they don't freeze to death. Disneyland Daddy let the kids walk around the house with them, wrapping them up in blankets like little babies. I found bunny pellets randomly scattered on my floor. GROSS! So I put those bunnies back in the box and set the box in the garage. COUNTY FAIR MOM STRIKES AGAIN!!!

Disneyland Daddy wants to take the kids up to the hills to play in the snow tomorrow morning. Now I understand that we NEVER get snow here and this would be a fun thing to do... but to be late to school for it? On the day of their Christmas program? No. COUNTY FAIR MOM STRIKES AGAIN!!!

Tonight while delivering Christmas treats my kids were bickering. Then they dropped the bomb on me that they needed a certain shirt for the Christmas Program... which is tomorrow. So we rushed around in hot pursuit of needed apparel. I thought I would be nice and let them stay up late to watch the finale of one of our favorite shows. The bickering continued. I warned them several times. But after the WWF Smackdown that went down in the local Target store....... you guessed it......COUNTY FAIR MOM STRIKES AGAIN!!! (In his defense... Disneyland Daddy was nowhere on the scene. He would have shut the park down if he saw what was going on.)

Disneyland Daddy delivers his discipline with a very calm, collected, soothing voice. Even with a hint of a smile. (Then turns to me and says apologetically, "Sorry you had to see that.") County Fair Mom simply goes "carnie" all over those kids.

But here is proof that the county fair can still be fun.

Here is County Fair Mom and kids laughing hysterically at Pioneer Woman's burps.

Here is County Fair Mom doing handstands with kids on the beach.

And here is County Fair Mom trying on ridonkulous hats with kids. (Yes... I said "ridonkulous"... the use of that word alone should be a testament to my fun-mom potential!)

So who knows... maybe someday I'll be upgraded to LegoLand Mom or something. But until that bless-ed day comes, I want to hear from you! If you've suffered through this post long enough to still be reading, consider this a TAG! You now are under blogging obligation to dish on your best (or worst) County Fair Mom moment! Get to posting my fellow carnies.... get to posting.


Sowards Fam said...

Long live the Sowards Carny Moms!!!! You guys rule. Very funny.

Ben & Michele

BrookeandSpence said...

I definitely have a disneyland dad in the making. Spence wakes up Stone so he can play with him. At any little cry he grabs him and lets him sleep in our bed, and he sneaks way too many sweets for Stone that I think is suitable for an 8 month old. I know these are little things but our guy is still little...and I am afraid I am gonna have to put the smackdown on "too much fun" and end up joining the ranks of the carnie mom.

Stefani said...

Hmmmm, "County Fair Mom" sounds very much like "Tiki Head Mom" (like me) while Brad gets to be a monkey with the kids (see my post, oh wait, you did see it). I guess I need to post some pictures of me doing fun things too, just to prove that I can also be a monkey and not just a mean old Tiki Head.

Great post!
Very True!

Mamarazzi said...

VERY funny! you were born to blog!

ok my post today is my effort at being a more fun mom...i am working on it!!

JasonDebbie said...

I know what you mean, I feel bad when I hear of others doing all these fun cute crafts with their kids constantly and letting them make mud pies outside and wipe the mud everywhere, when I am constantly OCD about the house being clean and sometimes I need them to watch a movie so I can sit down and try and realx for one second during the day. O.K well thats every day actually. Mine fight ALL the time so we are always making them go to their rooms and I feel bad but sometimes you have to be that mom. Don't feel bad.

Bille said...

No kids yet, but I am sure I will be the county fair type. Mike bends to my will so easily I can just imagine our future kids getting whatever they want from him. But you know what? I like the Fair.