Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"Enter as strangers, leave as friends."

Saturday night 7 surfers entered my home. One of them was my husband. Three of them were friends I've already met. Three of them were strangers. The three strangers (plus one of the friends) spent the weekend with us.

These men make up about 1/4th of the guys that Brandon goes to Cabo with every May. That means that I was only privy to 1/4th of the laughter, 1/4th of the jokes, and 1/4th of the fun that goes on during their surf trip. I can only imagine what it's like with the whole group present. There's a brotherhood among surfers that is quite amazing to behold. I think it's something that only a surfer (or the wife of a surfer) can understand.

These guys were great guests. Perfect gentlemen. Helpful. Super sweet to my kids. Willing to let me hang as 'one of the guys'. They have nicknames for eachother and even dubbed me with a few nicknames of my own. "T" and "Tiffiny the Epiphany".

They helped fix our broken garage door, took out our garbage, helped my boys show respect for their sister, raided our closet so they could come to church with us, and just really left a great impression on me. They even let me feed them protein & spinach smoothies! I can't wait to meet their wives. (and to reconnect with the wives I already know.)

They would break out into spontaneous song and dance. They harmonized in song both at church and the dinner table. And they even chastised us for not having any Lionel Ritchie on the iPod.

My house was much quieter after they left. Which is sad because we love the chaos and we love having guests. You're welcome back anytime, guys!!!

Saturday night some surfers came to my home. Some entered as strangers. But they ALL left as friends.
Ryan aka "Refi", Rob aka "Rob Base", Lance aka "Lanny or Lancio", Brandon aka "Brando", Glenn aka "G or G-Dog"


debbie said...

so fun!!! i told a2 if and when they do this again i am coming to hang with you:)

i found out they make a kitchen aid attachment. you should get one of those to make the applesauce. i have heard good things about it.

we got the pan clean and are almost done cleaning the stove:) just think every time i see it, it makes me think of you:) we miss you guys!!!

of course they were homemade rice krispy treats. do you buy them?

debbie said...

its funny you say i am creative, i do not think of my self as creative. but if you think so, thanks! and i am totally in for helping with beaus party. you know i love that kinda thing:)

annette said...

Look at your future surfers in that picture too! Adorable. What a fun group of guys. And what a great hostess you are. I can only imagine the laughter and joking goin' on in your home. That sounds just like you guys...FUUU-UN!

Eric and Lydia said...

How fun! Your house is always where the party is at!

Vern said...

Based on your plaque, I guess we are officially friends! Thanks for the kudos - some of my best friends are cyber strangers. :)