Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost Primary Hymn

A childhood favorite. You can listen to it here

Autumn day, autumn day,

God gives richest gifts today.

Look on ev’ry side and see

Pleasant things for you and me.

Apples red and apples yellow,
Round and juicy, sweet and mellow

Load the trees till they bend over
And their branches brush the clover.

Child, be glad with all that lives,
But forget not God, who gives.

Gizdich Ranch field trip 2009 & Applesauce making @ the Asplund's (Conference weekend)


debbie said...

we miss you guys every time you walk out the door. thanks for coming!!!

annette said...

Soooo Sweet...reading that primary song put to your pictures choked me up this Sunday morning. Way to be grateful Tiff!

Eric and Lydia said...

Oh my gosh! You're so domestic!

Baltzer Family said...

Hey Tiffany,

Whats up? This is your favorite So Cal friends, Tad and Amber B. We were just looking at your guys blog. You guys have the most handsome family! It was so classic, we found one of your old posts and it mentioned the "acid tripping" Mormon Yo Gabba Gabba writers. I had to laugh cuz Christian Jacobs (creater/writer) is one of my really good friends!! I will tell him how much you appreciate his work the next time I see him...LOL :) You guys are awesome and we love you!! Take Care and hope to see you soon!!! Peace out, Taddy B