Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laugh or Cry

"Either laugh or cry... that's all you can do." That's what my husband says when life throws you unexpected curveballs. If it weren't for a strong neck.... my head would have spun off already. Here's a run down of the last 6 days:

*The transmission of our trucked crapped out on us.
*The running lights & break lights of 2 dump trucks, the Bobcat trailer & my Suburban went out.
*Our Bobcat is misbehaving. The battery needed to be jumped dozens of times while on a job & the fan belt busted while loading it on a trailer.
*I ran out of gas in the Beamer on the way to taking kids to school. The fuel guage deceived me by saying the tank was 1/2 full.
*My Suburban battery flatlined leaving me almost stranded while picking up kids from school.
*One of the brackets holding up our speaker box on the boat is defective. Luckily we had a dog leash in the car to jimmy-rig it for the rest of the drive home from Paso Robles.
*I've been playing "hide & seek" with a high-maintenance contractor reluctant to pay his bill. We're currently financing his massive concrete job until I find him and have his legs broken. It's not what you know... it's WHO you know in the garbage business. "Fuh-get abouuuut it...." ;-)
*I've been helping Brandon play musical dump trucks from here to San Jose and everywhere in between for 4 consecutive days. My poor 3 year old has traveled over 500 miles with nothing exciting to show for it.
*The Hot Shift PTO (power take off) on our newly built dump truck failed the first time we used it thus snapping the drive shaft. Don't ask me any questions about this stuff. I only know the lingo, not the mechanics behind it.
*We worked our whole weekend from dawn 'til dusk shoveling dirt and concrete. The only break we took was for church. We even took the kids out to a job and forced some manual labor out of them. They normally get to ride on the Bobcat with Daddy when he is operating it but this time we swept & shoveled the tighter areas that the bucket was too large to maneuver into. This was actually a highlight for me, though. There's nothing wrong with kids learning how to work and I truly hope that one day my kids (especially my boys) will remember seeing their mom getting dirty side by side with their dad to help out in the family business.

All of this during the last two weeks of school when we're busy with talent shows, class parties, Olympic Day, honor roll assemblies, piano recital and an annual golf tournament thrown by my FIL in Lake Tahoe.

To quote Vanilla Ice... "Will It Ever Stop? Yo, I don't know"

I figured I should document our hellish week. Otherwise I might not believe it ever happened.

I've managed to chuckle and roll my eyes heavenward at the start of each mishap. I have yet to cry over any of it. So I guess I'm not in too bad of shape after all.


annette said...

Whoa!!! All that concentrated on the last week of school... you are one amazing superchick, let me tell you. I've had frazzling weeks, but this one takes the cake. I'm glad you documented it. I love the story about all of you pulling together and shoveling concrete for the family business.

And ooooh, that Beamer...just add that to the list.

Raimi said...

Oh!!! Your family sure has had one heck of a week! I hope next week is better. Hang in there! It CAN only get better, right?? I too, believe that a little hard work for the kids goes a long way :-)! You are an awesome Mom! Tell BG hey for me!

Caroline said...

Time for a new surburban? I feel your pain with the whole car breaking down thing. I've missed seeing you the past two weeks and now I know what's been up. When it rains, it POURS, especially on the Sowards! Makes for a great campfire story;-) Luv ya!

Eric and Lydia said...

You guys have the worst luck with vehicles! And you probably haven't even had time to take the new boat to the lake! AARGH! Miss you...