Thursday, May 28, 2009


MWF (married white female) desperately seeking
Chevy's Sombrero. Left behind after a fun-filled
birthday dinner for DH (dear husband). Must have
forgotten it after enduring LHI (long haired indian)
dubbed "Apache Hendrix" and his heinous versions
of 1980's hits. CW (confused waitress) singing Happy
Birthday to my 3YO(year old) instead of to DH could
also be to blame for my TML (temporary memory loss).
DH insists you don't take Sombrero home. MWF contends
that you do. FDA would agree with MWF(...hello...lice!!!!)
REWARD for those who agree with MWF.


Stefani said...

I agree with MWF!

That's why so many of us have so many of those darned things laying around. Alas, mine are all destroyed.

We love the Chevy's Birthday song. You can't understand a word they're saying. Stay tuned to my blog to see a video of the copy-cat version I got sung for Mothers Day.

Mamarazzi said...


which makes MWF very CORRECT aka RIGHT.

i have 2 said chevy sombraros in my garage...and i did NOT steal them.

ps your word verification hates me i have tried 3 times the word this time is "jurkjnk" uh excuse me? is it calling me names now?

Eric and Lydia said...

Oh, I love Chevy's! That used to be our restaurant of choice when we were in CA! I'm not sure if you get to take home the sombrero or not....hmm. But I'm sure the lice are complimentary.

Happy Birthday Brandon! (Have you taken the new present out yet?)

annette said...

Apache Hendrix, and confused waitress singin' to 3're so funny Tiff! And yes, you are definitely right...we don't want to be spreading lice. Happy B-Day MuChacho Brando! Love you guys!!!