Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tiffiny needs...

Thanks to Stef for getting me out of my blogging funk. I've been needing a reason to blog. I've been jonesin' for a blog post idea. I've had bloggers block. Somebody stop me....
This is a lot of fun. Go to your preferred search engine, type in your name then "needs". (I couldn't find anything under Tiffiny Needs... apparently all of the other Tiffiny's in the world don't need anything because google asked me, "Did you mean tiffany needs ?") That's OK. I'm used to the spelling controversy of my name. And I went for 10 items because number 9 was just way too funny. You'll see. -Anyhoozer- this is what I need.

1) bigger breasts
2) love & support
3) to pray
4) to be stopped
5)a dreamhouse
6) a job
7) new gold hoops
8) a cough drop
9) the crapper (see.... funny, right?)
10) to attract a job

I had so much fun reading the needs of Stef's husband that I thought I would see what my husband's needs are, too.....

Brandon needs,
1) to suffer severe bodily harm
2) a band
3) to learn "The Kimbo"
4) a vacation from his vacation
5) help
6) a home
7) a sponsor
8) prayers again (again?)
9) friends' videos (yes, we do. Still waiting on the cruise video.... BRAD!!)
10) love

So for anyone out there feeling like you need something but just can't put your finger on it.... you now know what to do.


Stefani said...

So funny! I just can't figure out why this is so fun to do. I love the answers. I'm glad you posted Brandon's too. BTW what IS "The Kimbo"? Is it a dance he needs to learn for our next cruise?

Tiffiny Sowards said...

The dancer in me was willing to bet her life on "The Kimbo" being a new dance move. I googled it (gotta love google) and it's nowhere close. "Kimbo Slice" is the name of an MMA fighter who was getting pounded in the head unmercilessly by his opponent. The referee should have called the fight but he said that it looked like Kimbo kept giving him the thumbs-up while getting pummeled so he thought that meant that all was well.
The Kimbo is just a sarcastic term newly born into the world of MMA Fighters.

Eric and Lydia said...

Okay, that was hilarious. Check out Eric's answers. Thanks for being so funny, I could almost hear you cracking up as you were reading these!

leikay2 said...

Just wanted to say THANKS to you Tiffiny!! I spell my name the same way and when I googled it said the same thing so thatnks for the 10 things!! LOL