Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's really nothing to blog about....

... but I'm going to anyway. Because I think it's funny. Not roll on the floor, gut-busting laughter funny. It's a different kind of funny. In fact maybe funny is not the word for it. Surprising? Confusing? What the...? Questionable? I don't know.... I can't think of the word. If you think of the perfect word when it's all over then please, share it.
So there was an Eagle Court of Honor a few weeks back. Brandon is the Priest Advisor and planned on attending. During a conversation with a fellow member of our church Brandon mentioned that he was an Eagle Scout. (Church member will be know as Bro. X) Bro. X. could not believe it. He would not believe it. In fact I think he darn near had Brandon talked out of believing it himself! The conversation went something like this;
Bro. X. : "You're an Eagle Scout?"
Brandon : "Yep, I sure am." (Proudly)
Bro. X. : "NNNOOOOO.....Really? (eyebrows raised)
Brandon: "Yes, really." (Chuckling)
Bro. X. : "Are you really? You're not kidding?" (doubtful laughter)
Brandon : "I'm not kidding. I AM an Eagle Scout, Bro. X." (humoring him at this point)

So when Brandon told me about this I, for lack of a better word, thought it was "funny".

Me : "You know what just happened to you, don't you?"
Brandon : "No, what?"
Me : "You've just been spiritually profiled"

At that we both tilted our heads back in boisterous laughter. We saw the humor in it. And we're not offended. In fact, "spiritually profiled" has become a favorite saying of ours. We told our cousin in San Jose about it and he laughed, too. He's decided he's got dibbs on the phrase in the San Jose area and anything south of SJ is ours. (But we never said anything about the World Wide Web. Sorry, Ben... Cyber Space now belongs to us.)
I named our band on Guitar Hero "Spirichlee Profiled" as a tribute to our new favorite term. Our logo is quite fitting... a microphone with wings & a halo. (And as a side note: for those of you who read my post about Disneyland Daddy...and didn't play along with my tag, you Hum-Bugs...... my GH rocker is named "Carnie Mom".)

So we can laugh about it. We'll still go to church on Sunday. We still like Bro. X. But I can't help but wonder.... why the shock & awe? Is it because our boys occasionally attend church donning mohawks & wearing Vans? Is it because Brandon sometimes sports a mildly rebellious "soul patch" under his bottom lip? Is it because we didn't meet and court at BYU? Is it because Brandon is a surfer and our family loves any kind of extreme sports?

I don't know what it is but I'll let you in on a little secret. Brandon is also a seminary graduate!! (but, SSSHHHH don't tell Bro. X. It might be more than he can handle.)


Eric and Lydia said...

I won't rest until I know the identity of Bro. X......

Stefani said...

I have some guesses on Bro. X. But that is so funny! I love to be "spiritually profiled" and then shock someone by proving them wrong. (Sometimes it goes in the opposite way though) Good job Brandon! Way to shock those bums.

Caroline said...

I'm dying to know who Bro. X is too! In response to his reaction of Brandon's Eagle, and as a former Utahn, I say, "F'rude!"

Brooke said...

okay, that is really funny. i'm completely stealing that phrase.