Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our RAD Dad

Remember the 80's flick RAD? You know... the cheesy BMX movie. Well, Brandon came up with the idea for this party. I think it was a hit with all of these boys and I loved how they cheered each other on in all of the "events".


Mamarazzi said...

TOTALLY fun!! the kids all look like they had a blast! and i recognize a couple of kids from MY family!

annette said...

Yes, he is a RAD dad! And you're a MAGNIFICENT mom!!! I loved watching all the kids on their bikes as I drove by. And it's good to see that Corey is working on that loose tooth there. I told him to keep wiggling it, so that it will come out by Christmas. He had a great time!

Stefani said...

I heard about this day. Corey told me it was the funnest ever. He was really enthused!