Monday, November 24, 2008

History of the Haut

So now that the Beau has had his first taste of winning trophies we figured he'd yearn for more and that we needed a place to showcase them. As I'm not one for curio cabinets or trophy boxes I've been thinking of a fun & creative way to keep them out of a 3 year old little brother's reach while not taking up any space in the boys' already very pregnant room. (I use that word here since I cannot use it to describe myself at the moment.) There is a surfing theme still struggling to refine itself amongst all of the GeoTrax, Legos, and Tech Decks. So I figured "Why not jump on the GREEN bandwagon and RECYCLE an old surfboard?" So Brandon jumped to it within seconds of my suggesting it (because that's how he rolls), pulled out the table saw and cut that sucker in half. Below are top & bottom views. (I'm trying to make it very functional as you can see with the books & piggy bank.)

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Mamarazzi said...

SO super cute!! i love that. i really really do. what a fun idea!