Friday, January 27, 2012

Looking for some fun? Have a bonfire!!

I know there are a lot of awesome things to do in the world that don't involve a beach. I lived in such a place for the first 13 years of my life. Life was good and fun but, man... I really didn't know what I was missing!! 20 years later and I find myself happily married to a man who is part human/part sea mammal. I am raising little ones who also have a love for the ocean air and don't mind sand between their toes. We are just a 20 minute drive away from the nearest beach and 40 minutes from our favorite surf spots. Tonight we were happy to make the drive to celebrate the birthday of a friend.

This is the Birthday Girl, Thira. Thira has a sweet calmness about her. She has a very natural approach to the world and life and I don't think she has a judgemental bone in her body. We like to refer to her as "The Baby Whisperer". Not only is she good with babies but with the older kids as well. When we arrived at her bonfire birthday party I was not surprised at all to see her at the smaller fire set up for the kiddos. I met her a long time ago but have begun to know her better within the last year or so through camping trips, temple date nights, holliday gatherings, birthday dinners, and (of course) beach outtings. Thira is as sincere as they come and I always come away not only feeling like a better person for knowing her but wanting to be a better person because of her example.

Here is my hubby and Mister Birthday Girl. (We'll just call him "Mark".... since that's his name and it's just easier for many different reasons)
If there is anyone in the world who's hunger for surf could match or even rival that of my husband's, it's this guy. It's no surprise that he chose a beach bonfire as the setting for his bride's birthday gathering. He even showed up extra early at the beach to surf set up. I don't think I've ever seen him without a grin on his face. It must be all the surfing.

The grins were contagious tonight as there were hot dogs to roast and long time friends to hang out with.

(I'm not crazy. The triple flash of my camera just makes me look that way.)

And what's a birthday party without some sort of slide?

So the next time you're planning a party or if you're just looking for some cheap family fun on a Friday night consider a beach bonfire. But don't forget to invite us beach bums!

See ya at the beach!


Dina S. said...

Great timing on the action shots! What a fun collection. Thank you! Dina

marie said...

Oh I love these pictures, they make me feel a little bit a part of the fun. Looks like a big ol' group and I am sure there were more kids than adults.

The beach is so perfect for them because they can be as loud, rowdy and obnoxious as they want and no one cares, I am talking about the kids :D

Thanks for making me not miss out on this night. I love you all so much! And btw I think you look great in that picture. I always tell Glenn "Tiffiny is such a trooper", you have so much energy and seeing the love you and Brandon have for each other, truly inspiring.

JasonDebbie said...

The beach is the best and cheapest entertainment ever, I totally miss bonfires on the beach.

Stefani said...

Oh ya!! The beach makes me so happy! We should plan a trip soon!!

Annette said...

Bradley told me you were doing this last night. So fun Tiff! I want to meet Thira now :)

Shauna Klippel said...

Tiffiny! This looked so fun! I'm glad you posted these pictures. I hate when there is a conflict. I wish I could be in two places at the same time.

I agree with you on all you said about Thira. She is a one of a kind, unique girl. She's an amazing person and friend. I love her too! Glad you all had so much fun. There is a picture of two kids under the one of you, I love it, just captures the moment perfectly.

Hope you have a great and relaxing Sunday,


Kari said...

A beach bonfire would not be a "cheap" family night for us...but I'll come join you for one on behalf of my family in a couple of days! See you soon!

D-dawg said...

There is nothing better than a bonfire on the beach. now I need to go! It has been too long for us- last September I think?!?

Mudeesa said...

Okay Tiff...time for a new post : )