Thursday, November 4, 2010

Days of summer

We did a lot of fun things this summer. I was very pregnant but determined to make sure we packed in as much fun as possible before my attention was drawn away toward the new boy that was about to enter our lives.

Daddy decided that this was the summer to start teaching the kids to surf. He chose the perfect day. The conditions couldn't have been better. The tide was low and there wasn't a cloud in sight. One little taste of that salty sea water and they were hooked! As they say..."The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." We visited the beach several times a week. These are some favorites of my "tree" and our little "apples".

Beau found this broken sand dollar on the beach and said, "Look, Mom. A fifty-cent piece."


We interrupt this blog post to bring you some devastating news. In an effort to step into the 21st Centruy we purchased some new computers . Many pictures were lost and or accidentally deleted during the transferring of files. This post and many others are currently unable to be completed. Every effort is being made to salvage lost picture files and restore them to their proper place. This is not a test. I repeat, This is NOT a test. :-(


Annette said...

Wha!!! i hope all your pictures and files can be retrieved. I thought you said Josh helped you get them back! I'm praying for you tonight!

Cute surfer pics! What a cute bunch of apples. They definitely were born to surf :)

Mamarazzi said...

LOVE the pictures and that Brandon is teaching the kids to surf, so cool.

i had to grab a brown bag to breathe into when i read of your lost pictures. they aren't even mine and the thought caused me to hyperventilate.

seriously. so sad.

i am now going to forfeit sleep in order to back up all of my pictures.

*crossies* that they are all recovered!

Tiffiny said...

Thanks, Annette & Mamarazzi. I've talked to a techno-savvy friend and will soon be purchasing a program to retrieve deleted files off the harddrive. (Josh retrieved a lot of them but for some reason many, many, MANY others are still missing.)

YES... back those up!!