Friday, September 17, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Pismo Beach

Over Spring Break we tried something new. We camped at Pismo Beach. This is why we want to go back EVERY year (and why YOU should go if you've never been)...

The Bike Rides

The Walk Through The Dunes To The Beach

The Beach


Quality Family Time

Our Awesome Campsite

Cruisin' Through Pismo In The Scout

The Pool At Our Friends' Hotel

The 4-Wheeling

The Scouts (and the Landcruiser)

Driving On The Beach


BrookeandSpence said...

Yeah! You finally posted some pics, so excited. I have not been to pismo in years!!! You guys are always up to something fun. I love the pictures. Love you guys!

Caroline said...

So glad to see you're blogging! Maybe I'll get back into it one day. But for now it's more fun to just read others' posts:-)

debbie said...

you guys are living the dream! love and miss ya!!