Monday, December 14, 2009

He's a magician...not a beautician!!!!

Whenever I'm pregnant and my husband attends my prenatal visits with me he magically becomes a self-appointed, honorary OB/GYN. Whenever my husband gets pulled over he magically becomes San Jose PD. Whenever we're in a crowded, quiet room my husband magically becomes the life of the party. Whenever we're in a comfortable setting with friends my husband magically becomes a comedian.

None of this bothers me. I'm used to it. I'm glad he's always been interested in my pregnancies and wants to know everything the Dr. is doing and why. I'm glad he's a fun, approachable guy who has the gift and ability to make those around him feel comfortable. And even though impersonating an officer is considered a felony it gets him out of a lot of tickets. (And I have to say that he's only done this twice--in a joking matter--and the cops just believed him and let him go--no questions asked--so he wasn't really impersonating an officer.)

But when my husband sees my boys' hair needing a trim and he gets a pair of scissors in his hands he magically becomes a barber. This bothers me. I've begged. I've pleaded. I've threatened. But when I do these things my husband magically becomes deaf. None of his hackjobs haircuts have ended well. There've been bowlcuts, steps, bells, and attempts at a buzz using trimmers from a pet grooming kit. I'ts enough to make me want to run out and buy a Flowbee!!

I'm convinced he was doing this chop trim with his eyes crossed.

I only see two conclusions to this predicament. #1-- I gather all of the scissors and trimmers and bury them in a deep hole in my backyard. OR #2-- I take my boys to get their hair cut on a more regular basis.

I guess you all know where I'll be this afternoon....


annette said...

I love it when you blog! This post is so funny. Sometimes Loren thinks he's a beautician too. He tells me he's watched them cut his hair so many times, it can't be that hard. But then when he's through he admits that we just need to take them to the barber from now on. Truthfully though, the pictures don't look that bad. You guys are cute!

Stefani said...

I usually have issues with homemade haircuts... just one of my many flaws. Luckily no one in our house attempts these ;) I say, unless you have a license or have 15 kids (and an $8 haircut COULD break the bank) I say, leave it to the experts (although I think Brandon is an expert;)

Eric and Lydia said...

I can just see Brandon cutting Beau's hair, and you begging him to stop! You guys are so hilarious! We can't wait to see you!