Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"I Am"

Keeping in the homework assignment theme, this is an assignment that Beau did a few years ago in 2nd grade. I loved it so much I have had it hanging inside the pantry door. It's obvious what he loves to do, what a sweetheart he his, and what he dreams about.

I Am

I am Beau

I see books

I hear dirt bikes

I touch dirt bikes

I taste chocolate

I smell 2 stroke gas

I am helpful

I wonder how my family feels

I hope my family is happy

I wish I get first place trophy

I know we have fun

I love my family

I am Beau


marie said...

That is so him! Children are the sweetest. I love projects like these because you get a sense of what is in your child's mind, a different side to them other than the 'fighting with their siblings, or messy room' side. That picture is great.

Stefani said...

Oh man, Beau is a sweetie!

Kari said...

That is too funny! Who's 2nd grader smells 2 stroke gas? I don't even know what 2 stroke gas is or does...