Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is there a pill for this?.....

This is a first for me. For the past 5 years I have looked forward to each and every first day of school. It's always been a relief to get back on a schedule -- a consistent bedtime, more homemade dinners, actual baths with shampoo & soap rather than counting on the cholorine of the pool to cleanse my dirty children. But this year I am experiencing some sadness over their return to school.

Maybe it's because my baby girl will be completing her last year of elementary school. Or maybe because I now have to go 6 1/2 hours straight without hearing Beau's giggles. And it's quite possible that I'm sharing some of Reef's separation anxiety from his two favoritest playmates... who are really two of my favoritest playmates, too.

But my kids were super stoked to head back to their institute of learning. Reef keeps asking about pre-school. When does it start? Why can't I go today? Why can't I just go to kindergarten now? This is his last school year home with me and I am very reluctant to send him to any pre-school at all!! He'll get sucked into the school system soon enough. Hot Wheels, Teck Decks, and skateboards will have to be traded in for days full of reading, writing, and playground bullies.

I'm jealous of my kids' teachers because they get to spend the entire day with my kids. I'm quite sad over this whole thing, actually. And although I'm not crying in a dark corner listening to depressing songs by The Cure, I'd be lying if I said that my inner child is not on the floor kicking, screaming, and chanting "Heck no, they can't go! Heck no, they can't go!"

And then the thought occurs to me. They don't have to go. You can keep them home! They can sleep in and snuggle with you all morning. You can continue going on daily outtings. You don't have to be on anyone's schedule but your own! It would be like an eternal summer. But you know what that's called?


And suddenly I'm not so blue anymore. As Mercedes' 5th grade teacher so wisely stated yesterday, "Honesty is the best policy..... insanity is a better defense." I do honestly miss my kids but I think I'm just suffering from a bout of temporary insanity. Sorry for dragging you along.

Is it 3:05, yet?


Stefani said...

Well it took me a lot longer than you to be sad about summer ending (11 years). And tho I'm looking forward to some alone time... I am really going to miss summer and my kids now that the daily grind has begun again.

annette said...

I think it's harder this year too. Is time just speeding up so fast or what??? Summer ended before it even started, it feels like. And here I sit at 11:55 pm, just finishing helping Anna with her history homework. Ugh. It's shaping up to be a looong year too. Sorry to be so depressing. But, I feel the same way girlfriend. I hear ya! ...and yet Kayla and Bradley and Corey practically welcomed school this year. I guess they were ready for the structure and routine. Good luck. Enjoy Reef home while you can!

Missloocha&MrsSquiddles said...

Mom I'll give you the kissing hand every morning now so don't kick and scream "THEY CAN'T GO NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" PLEASE cause we have every right.Plus read this when you get sad cause I KNOW you'll be happy for me and if you are in a good enough happy mood make us cookies while your happy.Loves and hugs. ~Sadie Bug

Missloocha&MrsSquiddles said...

i decided the day before halloween wich is today that i don't want to go to school anymore so keep me home but pretend you homeschool me but acualy don't