Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Tag

I was "phot tagged" by my friend Stef. Here are her instructions:
"Take a picture of yourself with no preparing or primping. Just do it how you are right now, and post it on your blog with a tag for someone else to do it."
This is post-vacation, pre-shower. Lovely. I now tag Brookie Cookie, Janae, Brooke Benton, Raimi, D-Dawg, and Ronny-Jean. YOU'RE IT!!!!!


annette said... look BEAUTIFUL, Lucky you! You've got that relaxed post vacation glow. Aaaaaah.

Raimi said...

cute picture! You look great & so tan! Must be the post vacation :0)!
have a great day!

BrookeandSpence said...

We are without internet right now, so I just check it at work. Hopefully we will be up and running next week. I will do the challenge but I can assure you that you are a natural beauty...mascara and eyeliner save me. Love you!